CAPE Location - CAPE Home

CAPE has recently acquired a house in Honolulu which has been designated the "CAPE Home," and as such, it will become a residence and meeting place for visiting scholars and students from different parts of the world, particularly from Asia. There they will live together under one roof, sharing meals and friendship, ideas and cultural practices while conducting their research in Honolulu. The hope is that these scholars will return to their home countries, enriched by their interpersonal experiences as well as their academic endeavors.

CAPE Home is located at: 

The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange
1616 Makiki Street,
Honolulu, HI 96822

TEL: 808-942-8553
FAX: 808-941-9575

You can click the map on the above, or visit Google Map.


1. Head northeast from Airport exit - go 0.0 mi
2. Bear left onto the ramp - go 0.1 mi
3. Continue - go 0.1 mi
4. Bear right into the I-H1 E entry ramp to Waikiki/Honolulu - go 6.2 mi
5. Take the Punahou St exit 23 - go 0.2 mi
6. Turn left at Punahou St - go 0.2 mi
7. Turn left at Wilder Ave - go 0.2 mi
8. Turn right at Makiki St - go 0.0 mi

You can click the map on the above, or visit Google Map.