31st Asia Today Series

"Trade and Defense in the Asia-Pacific"

May 6, 20 and 27, 2017

This year's "Asia Today" lecture series will cover trade and defense in the Asia-Pacific with special lectures on American politics and social policy.

Designed as a counterpoint to the American Studies Forum and scheduled annually in the Spring, the Asia Today Series provides humanities scholars, teachers and the general public with an opportunity to examine contemporary issues affecting the cultures and societies of Asia-Pacific countries: China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Pakistan, and Burma. Noted political and social scientists, economists, historians, linguists, cultural anthropologists and fine arts specialists lead dynamic discussions on topical, provocative issues.

The following are a sampling of topics which have been covered in the series:

  • Modern China in the Light of Her History: The Long, Long Road to and from Tiananmen
  • The Social Costs of Japan's Economic Success
  • Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand (Siam) Relations
  • Australia between West and East: From "White Australia" to the "Odd Man In" of Asia
  • Status of Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Micronesia
  • Ethnic Identities and Politics in Pakistan
  • Issues in Postwar Reconciliation between the United States and Vietnam
  • Industrialization and Social Change in Contemporary Korean Society
  • Early Korean Influences in Traditional Japan
  • Korea's Economic Policy Reforms and Prospects for U.S. - Korea Economic Relations
  • Korea's Golden Age