Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English
August 8 - 17, 2017

This highly successful semi-annual program, held in January and August in order to correspond to the winter and summer breaks of most Asian countries, provides a unique opportunity for Asia-Pacific teachers of English to learn about the latest developments in the theory and practice of foreign language education, while deepening their knowledge of the U.S. Lectures explore such topics as Teaching Writing Skills, Testing English as a Foreign Language, Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills, Psycho-Sociolinguistics, and EFL Methodology.

Since workshops attract teachers from throughout the Asia-Pacific region, participants have the opportunity to establish relationships of friendship and cooperation with colleagues from other countries.

Noted lecturers from the field of second language acquisition contributing to these workshops have included Dr. Richard Schmidt, Dr. Roderick Jacobs, Dr. Graham Crookes, and Dr. Craig Chaudron, all faculty members in the world-renowned Department of English as a Second Language at the University of Hawai`i, and Dr. Jack C. Richards, of RELC, Singapore.